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What is Semi-Permanent Make-up? (SPMU) 

Using both Manual and Machine methods, pigment is imbedded into the upper layers of the skin using either a micro-blade, to create a hair stroke effect for eyebrows or small vibrating needle for machine shading and nano brows. Combining these different techniques SPMU brows can be designed for all different skin types. Microblading alone isn't always a suitable method for a customer, skin type, age and lifestyle are all factors I will consider when helping you choose the correct method.

I am fully trained in all methods, this is helpful for my clients as I can offer them long lasting results that work for them. SPMU isn't a one size fits all.
I offer the following: 

  • Microblading - Hair strokes with a tiny blade tool. Natural finish.

  • Nano machine brows - Hyper realistic brows, suitable for most customers skin. Pixilated machine strokes result in a undetectable fluffy finish. 

  • Powder and ombre brows - Machine shading to create a soft, makeup style finish. Sleek and modern. Great for older, oily and textured skin.

  • Combination Brow - Machine shading combined with micro blade strokes or Nano strokes to maximise realness and create definition for all brows.

  • Lip Blush - Enhance the shape, definition and colour of your lips without use of filler. With many colours to choose from, why wake up with pale, unflattering lips when Lip blush can restore a youthful healthy appearance. 

  • Eyeliner and Lash Line - Using a machine, tiny dots of pigment are implanted between the lashes and eyeliner to create flattering definition to the eyes. Perfect for natural thicker looking lashes, or thicker eyeliner for a bolder look. 

  • BB Glow - A revolutionary treatment. Microneedling therapy,  targeted skin boosters and skin coloured ampoule are needled into the facial skin to rejuvenate collagen, banish pores, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Daily coverage without cakey makeup. A luxe facial like experience, with soothing face mask and ice globes. 

SPMU is popular amongst celebs and its for a good reason, transform your eyes, brows, lips and facial features with makeup for a low maintenance, natural and undetectable day to day look.
If you've never been able to grow brow hair or want to enhance what you already have this is a solution for you. SPMU is also ideal for jobs which require minimal/no makeup, people with busy lifestyles or those wanting  sweat/ smudge proof makeup.  
The pigments are not 'traditional tattoo ink' the ones we  use at FaceBase are the highest of quality and will fade over 12-36 months dependant on lifestyle and skin factors. Topical anaesthetic can be used to numb the area.

Myth busting:  You do not need to remove your brows to have SPMU, my techniques will enhance what you already have.

If you have any questions about the treatments at FaceBase feel free to fill out our contact form or request a Call Back - 07930253986

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